Features BMS

Extremely intuitive, simple system, which thanks to the extensive range of functionality to meet your needs in efficient management of the company.

Personalised dashboard

Thanks to the application of state-of-the-art technology you may adjust your desktop to your needs.

Statistics module

Thanks to the application of state-of-the-art technology you may adjust your desktop to your needs.


Good planning and listing tasks is what saves time and provides for greater efficiency of your employees.


The system opens up a possibility of placing orders, while the mobile application makes orders performed immediately after they have been entered into the system.

Features that you'll love

Advanced statistics

The module of advanced statistics offers a possibility of thorough analysis of the condition of your company. You may choose from pre-defined statistics and statistics configured by you thanks to the statistics creator.

Statistics creator

A simple, easy-to-use creator allows to create any statistics you think of. You may give vent to your creativity.

Pre-defined statistics

Statistics may be established in advance, to be used on a daily basis; all you need to do is place the cursor on one of them and you get the latest data.

Calendar statistics

Have you ever wondered how many effective meetings your salespeople have had or how they have planned a business week, how many things they have done and for how many they have not had enough time? The calendar statistics module offers an opportunity to verify these and other issues connected with the calendar.


BMS allows to configure the desktop at your own discretion. From now on you do not need to trash the dashboard with useless information, and you can get data that is the most significant to you.


The basis of every CRM system is an intuitive calendar allowing to plan meetings with clients or making available events. As a manager you can control your employees' time on a permanent basis.


This module enables you to control processes in the company. As part of creating a project you may assign a group of people responsible for project performance. This is how you may easily and effectively verify the progress of a given project.


You may establish tasks and assign them to particular people. Just drag to change the status or report a task.

Overview of POs

A quick overview of orders of your employees, including the option of sorting, grouping, changing the PO status or invoicing.

Managing sales type

The system offers a possibility of direct or indirect sales, e.g. through a wholesale warehouse or an agent. Apart from that, it is also possible to define the recipient, delivery address, product warehouse, etc.

Favourite products

The possibility of adding your favourite products to the PO quickly is what reduces the time needed to place an order. Moreover, the system allows to create promotions and discounts for regular clients, or for particular products as part of an order.

Use a product basket.

What constitutes the basis of a salesperson's work is the possibility of placing orders effectively. The possibility of creating a product basket is what shortens the time of placing a PO and saves your employees' time.

Loyalty programs

BMS allows to configure loyalty programmes, and when combined with the client categorisation creator it allows to make a full and detailed analysis of the contracting party.


The system offers a possibility of creating product options. Each option has a control of inventory, belonging to a product group or product category, which allows for a further sales analysis.

Client geolocation

The system displays clients within the area of your present location. Apart from that, it suggests clients near the route of your planned meetings.

Advanced search

Each system module allows for advanced filtering data and for saving filters, so that they may be used many times. All these solutions are aimed to improve work in the system, both in the office and in the field.

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